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Master intercultural leadership and communication skills tailored for diverse professional roles in Japan. Enjoy a wide variety of programs to enhance your competencies and boost your career - whether you are in a foreign capital company or a japanese organizations.

1 month free trial,Unlimited access to all webinars

Reasons to choose J-Global

a rich program and

Reasonable price

A fulfilling program where you can accurately learn the skills you need now, such as cross-cultural teamwork, project management, expatriates, and overseas sales. New programs are added monthly.

customized to suit youcontent of study

A professional coach analyzes your strengths and concerns, and creates a study plan tailored to you.

You can also use tools such as e-learning and knowledge hubs that have been developed independently.

Japanese and English,

bilingual learning

It's okay if you don't have confidence in your English. Bilingual instructors will conduct webinars in both English and Japanese. You can learn business English at the same time as you learn about global business.

Achievements of J-Global

J-Global, the company that provides this program, has received high acclaim for its consulting and globalization workshops for over 100 Japanese companies.


Over the years, J-Global has learned how companies and people can achieve global transformation. And now, we share that knowledge with you through this webinar.

Our mission is to help Japan-based companies change cross-cultural business practices.
and to support global business development.

By fusing the strengths of Japanese and overseas work styles, we support the construction of highly functional and diverse teams and the construction of a solid foundation for global growth.

A professional coach to help you reach your goals

In online coaching, we will ask you about your current working situation, goals and strengths, what kind of challenges you want to challenge and overcome, and what kind of person you want to be in the future.

​​Plan price 

Lecturer introduction

Jon .jpg

John Lynch

Originally from the UK, he currently lectures on global business skills at Hitotsubashi University. After coming to Japan in 1990, he taught international business communication skills. After that, he worked as a cross-cultural business instructor at a major training company. Established business consulting company J-Global Co., Ltd. in 2010. Utilizing his extensive business experience in Japan, he provides consulting to over 100 Japanese and foreign companies. We offer bilingual seminars in Japanese/English with the aim of spreading the word "J-Global Business", which combines the strengths of Japanese business and the best of the West.

John will also be in charge of free online counseling!

We will think about your career path together and have a fun conversation while creating a mind map. Either Japanese or English is OK. You will have 20-30 minutes to organize your thoughts whether or not you participate in the program. Please feel free to submit a new application.

In addition, instructors with specialized knowledge will support you!


Dr. Sarah L. Birchley


--Nathan DeWitt


Graham Lenz

Ariadna Puig.jpg

Adiadna Pulg

Akari photo.jpg

Akari Teramoto

Screenshot 2022-10-07 115647.png

Ikem Okoboshi

Hisako Picture.jpg

Hisako Miyamori

Business School Director, Instructor

Instructor, Coach


Coach, Success Supporter

Success Supporter

Community Coach

Coach, Success Supporter

Some of the companies J-Global provided services to (in no particular order)

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Web media of ALC Co., Ltd.I was interviewed by English Journal Online.

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株式会社アルクのウェブメディアEnglish Journal Onlineで取材されました。








Over 30 programs teach global communication and leadership skills for a variety of participants, including expats and global coordinators of Japanese companies, managers and members of multinational teams, and non-Japanese employees.

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