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J-Global Intercultural Business School

MBA/Study Abroad Preparation: Necessary Skills and Mindsets

critical thinking and

Learn how to discuss globally


If you want to study abroad
​First practice speaking positively

Acquire a 'de-passive' mindset to compete with world leaders.

English language skills are not the only thing needed to prepare for an MBA or study abroad. Many Japanese people tend to refrain from asking questions or actively speaking up in group classes. If you want to participate in discussions with people from around the world, you first need to get into the habit of speaking up actively.


Target audience for this program

“Preparing for MBA/Study Abroad: Necessary Skills and Mindsets”is a program for those who are interested in obtaining an MBA or studying abroad to advance their careers.

It is a must-see for those who want to be active globally and those who want to contribute to the globalization of their company!

Do you have such concerns?

I want to improve my skills in business, but I don't know where to start

When I think about my career path, I feel that I lack knowledge and experience

​Interested in MBA but not good at speaking in English

​I feel that I lack academic knowledge and education

Serious about studying but worried about not having enough time or being able to maintain a good life-work balance

In the following methods, "Preparation for MBA"
may be insufficient

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Business English conversation course (group)
In general, Japanese participants tend to participate quietly, avoiding aggressive remarks. In order to succeed in global business, you need an interactive and friendly "English speaking personality".

Business English Conversation Course (Individual)
Many Japanese students want their English to be pointed out as much as possible, but if they point out too many small mistakes, they cannot speak fluently. English is the lingua franca of non-native speakers and speaking perfect English is not so much required.

Seminars and business English e-learning
Learning knowledge is important, but you also need practice to be successful. You will learn how to change your way of doing things to meet global needs, for example consulting with confidence rather than a formal style that emphasizes humility.

In this program, you not only acquire knowledge and skills,

You can learn an action plan for obtaining an actual MBA.

You will learn the mindset and skills you will need, and learn practically while speaking in English.

Through e-learning, discussions, interactive lectures, individual coaching, action learning, etc., you will be able to actively express your opinions and ask questions.

You will not only learn the right skills, but also an action plan that you can use in a real MBA class.

Pre-MBA module 1


​ This module aims to equip you with the skills necessary to actively participate in intercultural MBA-style classes.

  • It can reveal what motivates you to study and what drives your success in work and life.

  • Learn the strategies and techniques you need to work in a global classroom and get advice on how to make the most of your experience. We will check what kind of presentation skills are necessary for learning in a cross-cultural environment.

  • In addition, there will be exercises on creativity and active discussions. Finally, the session concludes by putting into practice the concepts learned in this session.

  • Understand your motivation for success

  • Develop an intercultural skills toolkit for active participation in the global classroom.

  • Learn new presentation skills and gain confidence in your presentations

  • Think and practice how to look at the same situation more creatively.

Pre-MBA Module 2


​This module aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze business cases.

  • Learn why and how to solve problems before learning the theory and practice of critical thinking.

  • Learn how to apply the PACADI framework to your business case and consider how to communicate the results.

  • Work in pairs or small groups to analyze real-life cases and put into practice each concept learned.

  • Share your findings and your thoughts with the group.

  • Understand the need for problem-solving skills in a cross-cultural business environment.

  • Learn to think critically about business situations

  • acquire strong analytical skills

  • Be able to confidently present complex and critical ideas and opinions to a group

Achievements of J-Global

J-Global, the company that provides this program, has received high acclaim for its consulting and globalization workshops for over 100 Japanese companies.


Over the years, J-Global has learned a lot about the success of global transformation by companies and individuals. and we now have that knowledgeJ-Global Intercultural Business SchoolWe will inform you through   

Our mission is to support global business expansion by rethinking how Japanese-based companies do business effectively across cultures.
Our subscription service gives you unlimited learning that fits your needs.

Mix the strengths of Japanese and overseas work styles that organizations and individuals haveWe aim to build a highly functional and diverse team and build a solid foundation for global growth.

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Some of the companies J-Global provided services to (in no particular order)

GX ALPHA learning process

At GX ALPHA, we offerCustomize what you want to learnI can do it.You'll learn skills that you can quickly adapt to real-world challenges.

needs analysis,
Planning a study plan

required skills,
Join Knowledge Hub

action learning,
Create an action plan

Evaluation certificate

free online counseling







to practice



useful tools

Questions and support are available anytime during the program and for six months after completion, including access to the Knowledge Hub.

GX ALPHA study schedule






to practice





free counseling
Analyze the current situation and issues, and clarify the goals such as the skills you want to acquire through this program.

Learning webinar ①

・MBA classroom skills
・Independence and ability to take action
・Presentation skills

Develop the skills necessary to actively participate in intercultural MBA classes. Reveal your motivation for studying and the driving force behind your success at work. We will check what kind of presentation skills are necessary for learning in a cross-cultural environment, and actively discuss through exercises.


Learning webinar ②

・Case study analysis skills
·problem solving
・Critical Thinking
・Analytical thinking
・Practical case

Before learning the theory of critical thinking, learn why and how to solve problems.

Learn how to apply the PACADI framework to your business case.

Work in pairs or small groups to analyze real cases and share your findings and thoughts with the group.

Study Group ① 

Harvard Business School Case Study Discussion

Study group ②

Harvard Business School Case Studydiscussion 2, exercise

E-Learning & Knowledge Hub & Community & Office Hours?



Gain the knowledge and advice to succeed from the start in your new global role.



●Learning about Japanese work styles that are difficult for foreign employees to understand

● Coaching-style management to increase the motivation of local employees and retain them

Advice on maintaining mental health in order to work efficiently in a new workplace

Improvement report and certificate of completion

Lecturer introduction


Dr. Sarah L. Birchley

Business School Director, Lecturer

20 years of business experience in Japan. Tenured professor at the Faculty of Business Administration, Toyo Gakuen University. In addition, he has experience as a part-time lecturer at the University of Tokyo, The New School (New York), New York University, and Ritsumeikan University. Completed sabbaticals at the University of Texas at Austin and Cardiff University (Wales), conducting joint research on entrepreneurship and diaspora. He has received two Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Japanese government and is currently working on research on Latin American diaspora entrepreneurs in Japan.

“Innovation requires people-to-people connections, so I enjoy bringing people from all walks of life together, getting involved, being curious, and creating new knowledge.”

Jon .jpg

John Lynch

As an experienced global business leader active in Japan, I have provided bilingual training and coaching to over 100 Japanese companies over the past 30 years. We are passionate about spreading cross-cultural education, aiming to help foreigners understand Japan better and Japanese people to understand globalization and contribute to the world.

John will also be in charge of free online counseling!

We will think about your career path together and have a fun conversation while creating a mind map. Either Japanese or English is OK. You will have 20-30 minutes to organize your thoughts whether or not you participate in the program. Please feel free to submit a new application.


  • How do I join the program?
    If you are interested,Online coaching. If you do not need it, please sign up for the free trial or the plan of your choice and reserve the class of your choice.
  • What other programs are there?
    For a list of other programs, please here.
  • My company has told me not to discuss my work outside the company. How can I participate in this program safely?
    We take confidentiality very seriously and ask participants not to discuss confidential company information.
  • How do you support English and Japanese learners?
    The bilingual instructor in charge of this program speaks an appropriate combination of Japanese and English so that everyone can understand. Participants can choose to speak English or Japanese, or both. English is generally used in global work, so it is recommended to participate in English as much as possible.
  • What are the learning components for ILP and how do I access them?
  • How does the ILP program support learners in English and Japanese?

Those interested in this seminar

Analyze your situation first
to support goal setting
Join us for a free online counseling session.

Webinar Schedule

Nine programs teach global communication and leadership skills for a variety of participants, including expats and global coordinators of Japanese companies, managers and members of multinational teams, and non-Japanese employees.

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