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Global Teamwork Skills (L12)

Program Purpose:

The Global Teamwork Skills (L12) program is designed to bridge the gaps in understanding between Japanese and global business styles. By tapping into the strengths of both styles, this program enables participants to foster mixed-culture teams that are cohesive, effective, and thrive on mutual trust.

Recommended Participants: If you are a professional looking to:

  • Collaborate seamlessly with global counterparts.

  • Communicate effectively with non-Japanese teams, customers, or suppliers.

  • Understand the nuances of Japan’s unique business culture and mesh it with global styles.

  • Boost results in project management, sales, or non-Japanese team leadership. Then, this program is tailor-made for you.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Build Dynamic Global Teams: Grasp the intricacies of Japan's team-centric, "high context" working style, and blend it successfully with global communication norms.

  2. Enhance Global Teamwork: Navigate and overcome barriers in communication, enhance decision-making processes, and progress through various team-building stages.

  3. Foster Trust & Influence: Master strategies to bridge trust deficits, influence global colleagues, and navigate the nuances of communicating effectively with non-Japanese entities.

  4. Resolve Global Team Issues: Equip yourself with skills for global negotiation, conflict management, and spearheading global improvement projects.

Language Requirements

  • This program is delivered bilingually in both Japanese and English to accommodate a diverse range of participants.

How to join

  • You can join this and over 30 other bilingual intercultural programs to develop your global leadership skills for just 5000 yen per month. Click the buttons below to start with a free coaching session and a one-month free trial.


Program Details and Webinar Schedule:

Webinar 1: Building a Successful Diverse Global Team

Understand how Japan’s team-based, “high context,” Confucian working style is misunderstood by global counterparts, and how to make an effective hybrid working and communication style. Skill topics include:

1. The diverse workplace

2. Personalities & strengths

3. Active Listening

Webinar 2: Improving global teamwork

Japanese and global colleagues often aren’t trained about each others business styles, which are different – but may behave as if their counterparts are the same as them - causing poor performance, motivation and teamwork.

1. Overcoming barriers to communication

3. Making decisions in meetings

3. Making decisions in meetings

4. Teambuilding stages

Webinar 3: Communicating to build trust in global teams

Learn how to fix gaps in trust - for Japanese members to communicate effectively with non-Japanese - to persuade overseas customers and suppliers, and work more smoothly with overseas staff.

1. Influencing strategies and tactics

2. Influencing strategies and tactics

3. Trust Building

Webinar 4: Solving Issues 'win-win' in global teams

Learn skills to achieve win-win results, reduce conflict and persuade executive to support change requests

1. Global negotiation

2. Conflict management

3. Launching global improvement projects


The problem is Japanese aren’t trained about global business style, which is different – but may behave as if their global counterparts are Japanese - causing poor performance, motivation and teamwork.

Join and see how to fix the gaps - to communicate effectively with non-Japanese - to persuade overseas customers and suppliers, and work more smoothly with overseas staff.


  • Gain objectivity about their own working style, and improve their communication, project management, sales and collaboration with non-Japanese.

  • Improve results such as project success, sales or management of non-Japanese teams.

  • Be able to explain Japanese working style to overseas counterparts and together create a hybrid working style which is motivating and effective for participants.

  • Using English and a global communication style in the workshop is achieving the multiple goals of understanding, learning and practicing the target behaviours.

  • Finish with a positive, confident flexible mindset for learning and doing more global business.

Workshop Methodology:

  • Agree to use a globally effective open communication style for the workshop, and become positive about using English as much as possible in discussions or role plays with each other. Understand the concepts of intercultural communication and the goals of the program.

  • Consider own company’s philosophy mission and values positive aspects, how to explain them to non-Japanese to ensure working together is smooth and performance evaluations are effective. Also optionally consider aspects of working style that non-Japanese would like to change to improve their motivation and effectiveness.

  • Look at the case of a non-Japanese employee joining a Japanese organization: what gaps in understanding and behaviors affect productive teamwork.

  • Analyze gaps using ten intercultural leadership frameworks, starting with growth mindset, and including communication style, discussion style, organization, decision making etc. In each case, identify own current style and how to adapt it for more global success.

  • Practice effective communication in typical global situation role plays, such as introductions, goal-sharing, meetings, presentations and giving feedback.

Dates (all times JST):

Group 11 (Monday afternoons / Instructor: John Lynch)

  • Webinar 1: Feb 5 Mon 15:00-16:00

  • Webinar 2: Mar 4 Mon 15:00-16:00

  • Webinar 3: Apr 15 Mon 15:00-16:00

  • Webinar 4: May 15 Mon 15:00-16:00

Group 12 (Tuesday evenings / Instructor: John Lynch)

  • Webinar 1: Dec 12 Tue 19:00-20:00

  • Webinar 2: Jan 23 Tue 19:00-20:00

  • Webinar 3: Feb 12 Mon 15:00-16:00

  • Webinar 4: Mar 12 Tue 19:00-20:00

Group 13 (Wednesday evenings / Instructor: John Lynch)

  • Webinar 1: Dec 13 Wed 21:15-22:15

  • Webinar 2: Jan 16 Tue 21:30-22:30.

  • Webinar 3: Feb 21 Wed 21:45-22:45

  • Webinar 4: Mar 20 Wed 21:15-22:15

Group 14 (Wednesday evenings / Instructor: John Lynch)

  • Webinar 1: Apr 17 Wed 21:15-22:15

  • Webinar 2: May 15 Wed 21:15-22:15

  • Webinar 3: Jun 19 Wed 21:15-22:15

  • Webinar 4: Jul 17 Wed 21:15-22:15

Participants' comments:

  • "Thank you, I enjoyed and learned a lot! What you taught us (eye contact, not crossing arms, etc.) we’re in Japanese business culture. I’ll work in global business situation with foreigners from this July, so your advice was really useful and motivated me for a new start." - Marketing Coordinator, Apparel Maker

  • "My Chinese colleague confirmed that the idea of Japanese “unspoken language” is incomprehensible and very difficult for them. Thanks for the hints to acquire this idea." - R&D Manager, Consumer Electronics Company

  • "Your program was really impressive and exciting for me. I could understand the difference between Japanese culture and foreign culture, and how to learn English communication. Especially, India's culture, opposite to Japanese humility, such that everyone says "I can do it" was very funny." - Consultant Digital Agency



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