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Expat and Global Coordinator Success (D06)


  • Adjust to global employees' workplace and working styles

  • Build global communication, leadership skill

  • Coordinate global team operations, projects

Webinar 1: Understand and manage cultural gaps in working style

  • Learn key differences in cultural tendencies could create misunderstandings or conflict in your global work with foreign colleagues

  • Analyse case study, and learn how to adapt your behaviour to have a more clear and persuasive communication style

  • Learn strategies to deal with stress and give feedback effectively when different working styles create issues.

  • Practice the skills in a role-play.

Webinar 2: Share your mission and co-create goals with global colleagues

  • Clarify your own mission and goals decided in Japan, and consider how to create shared mission and goals with global colleagues including clear benefits for the local business and employees personally

  • Analyse case study, and learn how to facilitate interactive discussion

  • Use coaching style communication to hear locals' ideas and co-create SMART goals

  • Practice the skills in a role-play.

Webinar 3: Hear ideas and negotiate changes to improve local business situation

  • Use coaching style communication and survey methods to hear locals' concerns that cause stress and make them want to quit, or barriers that hold them back from achieving their goals

  • Analyse case study, and learn how to put together and coordinate project teams to make proposals for executive approval.

  • Consider how to quickly win support from Japanese executives to make win-win changes to rules, systems or resources which help achieve Japan and Local goals.


  • Japanese in Japan who coordinate overseas projects or Japanese expats


  • Learn about cultural gaps in work styles and communication and how to bridge them.

  • Learn how to build a highly productive Japanese-Global mixed management style that engages all employees in effective teamwork

  • Acquire a specific action plan that matches your mindset, knowledge, skills, and unique work environment as a global coordinator/expat, so you can work overseas with confidence.

Webinar Dates (Zoom, all times JST)

Group 6 Evenings (Instructor: Jon Lynch & colleagues.)

  • Webinar 1: Jan 31, Wed 19:00

  • Webinar 2: Feb 14, Wed 19:00

  • Webinar 3: Mar 13, Wed 19:00

Group 7 Afternoons (Instructor: Jon Lynch & colleagues.)

  • Webinar 1: Feb 16, Wed 16:00

  • Webinar 2: Mar 12, Wed 16:00

  • Webinar 3: Apr 9, Wed 16:00

Do you have concerns such as these?

  • Those who are worried about working abroad due to their language skills

  • Those who are not good at interacting with foreign staff

  • Those who are worried about the relationship between Japanese and local staff at overseas assignments

  • New to international business culture, especially human resource management policies

  • Those who feel that the overseas bureaucracy is inefficient and the quality is insufficient, but do not know how to improve it

  • Those who want to understand whether Japanese bureaucracy and policies can be applied overseas



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