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Global Interactive Meetings (C05)

Program Purpose:

Elevate your global collaboration game with a program meticulously crafted to enhance discussions, decisions, and planning. Our purpose is to create a dynamic space where every voice is heard, meanings are crystal clear, and teamwork and motivation flourish.

Recommended Participants:

  • Designed for professionals navigating the global business landscape, this program is ideal for executives, project managers, and emerging leaders seeking to break down cultural barriers. If you're ready to excel in diverse global meetings, this is your gateway to success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and overcome 7 typical intercultural issues in global meetings for seamless communication.

  • Learn and practice essential skills for actively participating in discussions, including sharing opinions, interrupting, summarizing, and creative problem-solving.

  • Acquire the art of creating agendas for "hybrid" meetings, chairing with psychological safety, and facilitating problem-solving discussions through hands-on group roleplays.

  • Boost your confidence in English communication, ensuring effective participation even in challenging language environments.

Language Requirements:

  • This program is delivered bilingually in both Japanese and English to accommodate a diverse range of participants.

How to join

  • You can join this and over 30 other bilingual intercultural programs to develop your global leadership skills for just 5000 yen per month. Click the buttons below to start with a free coaching session and one month free trial.


Program Details and Webinar Schedule

Make global meetings and teleconferences into more energizing, motivating occasions to build teamwork and effective planning, and build confidence communicating in English.

Webinar 1: Participation skills for motivating global meetings

  • Understand 7 typical intercultural issues in global meetings and how to overcome them

  • Learn and practice skills for actively participating in discussion (sharing opinions, interrupting, discussing, summarizing, deciding) whilst building positive relationships

  • Brainstorming skills for creative problem solving.

Webinar 2: Facilitation skills for diverse global meetings

  • Creating an agenda for a "hybrid" meeting that stays on track and encourages communication

  • Role of the chair: skills for solving typical meeting issues, including sharing ideas with psychological safety, decision making and follow-up.

  • Facilitating a problem-solving discussion (Group roleplay)

Participants' comments:

  • "I had a really good time and shared ideas with other members and your workshop was AMAZING! Before I was too shy to talk in front of people but now I think that participating in discussion as a chair and other roles is very helpful for work!" - Sales Representative, Hospitality Company

  • "Since I am sometimes still struggling for communicating with overseas members via teleconference, your advice is clear, beneficial and helpful. And to let them know our Japanese culture or market is necessary too." - Administration Coordinator, Retail Company

  • "Our meetings were not comfortable with engineers in US, Germany and China. I need to keep saying clear object or schedule, otherwise, they stop working. Even if they haven’t accomplished tasks yet, they start talking about different topics. Now I know chair method and to talk clearly to match their lower context culture –sharing goals, benefits, and team roles. " - Sales Engineer, Machine Tools Maker



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