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Global Communication Mindset (C02)

Program Purpose:

  • Boost confidence to actively participate in English business meetings and presentations.

  • Acquire key intercultural communication skills to foster trust and establish positive relationships.

  • Master a smarter approach to learning English, focusing on personal expression and effective communication.

Recommended Participants:

Business professionals and students in Japan looking to boost their confidence in English business communications and expand their intercultural understanding.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Embrace the essentials of open communication, fostering positive, friendly relationships with global peers.

  2. Adopt a global mindset. Learn to think and communicate effectively in English using the words you know.

  3. Elevate your communication to be clear, persuasive, and trustworthy, nurturing a positive attitude towards the English language.

  4. Engage confidently in global discussions, mastering techniques to control conversations and actively participate.

  5. Shine in presentations by delivering ideas with clarity and dynamism, enhancing interactivity with creative discussions.

Language Requirements:

The program is fully bilingual in Japanese and English. Participants are encouraged to express themselves in English, using familiar words and supportive dialog sheets to ensure smooth, enjoyable interactions.

Dive into a transformative learning experience, designed to unlock the hidden potential in every Japanese speaker. Remember, the key is to relax, reset, and revel in proactive communication. Your latent language skills await activation!

How to join:

You can join this and over 30 other bilingual intercultural programs to develop your global leadership skills for just 5000 yen per month. Click the buttons below to start with a free coaching session and one month free trial.


Program Details and Webinar Schedule

Many Japanese people don’t have the confidence to communicate in English. They doubt their language ability but that’s not the real problem. You just need to relax, reset your mind and enjoy positive, proactive communication to utilize your sleeping language skills.

Webinar 1: Elevate Your First Impressions — Master Global Business Confidence

In this webinar, we'll help you break free from communication barriers rooted in Japanese cultural norms.

Issue: Are you struggling to create a friendly and confident impression in global business interactions?

Causes: Learn why typical Japanese style such as keeping a poker face, avoiding eye contact, and staying quiet can reduce trust in cross-cultural communication.

Impact: Understand how these communication styles affect teamwork and rapport-building with colleagues from different backgrounds.

Solution: Join us to change your communication style, appear more friendly and trustworthy to foreigners, and master the rules of Open Communication.

Webinar 2: Unlock Your Voice — Fluent Communication with a Global Mindset

In this webinar, say goodbye to language anxiety, overcome hesitation and embrace a new, confident you.

Issue: Many Japanese professionals remain too reserved when communicating with foreigners. Find out how thinking in Japanese can slow down your communication.

Causes: Understand how thinking in Japanese affects your ability to express your English personality.

Impact: Discover why being too quiet and avoiding mistakes can hinder your global communication.

Solution: Explore techniques to think in English, use the words you know, and become interactive in your English communication.

Webinar 3: Mastering Persuasive Communication in a Global Context

Communication nuances can make a huge difference in global interactions. In this webinar, we address a common issue faced by Japanese communicators: vagueness and a lack of persuasive clarity.

Issue: Japanese communication can be too vague for foreigners, relying on them to fill in gaps or read between the lines.

Cause: Often essential reasons and benefits are omitted when making requests because Japanese think they will be understood implicitly, but this only works well if the culture is shared.

Impact: Foreigners may struggle to understand requests, leading to delays, misunderstandings, or even non-compliance.

Solution: Learn the art of persuasive communication. Discover techniques to provide clear, low-context explanations. Master the skill of conveying reasons and benefits effectively when making requests. Cultivate a positive attitude towards English, focusing on learning through communication without the fear of making mistakes. Boost your confidence and gain trust as you influence others with persuasive communication.

Webinar 4: Thriving in Global Meetings — Engage and Lead with Confidence

In this webinar, learn to overcome language and culture related challenges and become an active participant in English discussions.

Issue: Japanese professionals often struggle to keep up with fast-paced English discussions. Discover how Japanese meetings differ from global ones.

Causes: Learn why Japanese meetings tend to be less interactive, leading to difficulties in following fast speakers and unusual accents.

Impact: Understand the negative perceptions associated with passive participation in English meetings.

Solution: Develop your skills in global discussions, including effective interruption, and participate actively in simulated global meetings.

Webinar 5: Dynamic Presentations — Captivate Your Global Audience

In this webinar, learn to engage and persuade global audiences more effectively.

Issue: Do your presentations lack clarity and persuasiveness? Find out how Japanese presentations can appear passive and lack dynamic body language.

Causes: Understand the cultural factors contributing to passive presentations and unconfident body language.

Impact: Explore the consequences of unclear and unpersuasive presentations on global audiences.

Solution: Join us to learn the rules of presenting ideas positively and become an engaging and persuasive presenter.

Participants' comments:

  • You gave me the courage to try for global projects. I have to study English much harder from now on, but I'm sure I'll make it. Thank you. - Coordinator, Global Food Wholesaler

  • The lecture was so impressive, especially your words; "English is the language you can make mistake", "Set a different character and name when you use English in business", and "Use brain in English mode, to save time." These words broadened my mind. - Administration Coordinator, Technology Company

  • Thank you for the fun-filled lesson !! It was an eye opener to me, that the amount of Non-Native English speakers is 80%. I’ve been under tension whenever I speak, as if English was "a test", and "be perfect" like many Japanese people (till yesterday). So I was relieved to hear that mistakes are not bad in global communication. - Real Estate Company, Leasing Agent



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