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EU-Italy Intercultural Biz Nite (E-EU03)


Discuss and learn about italian culture, communication and working style online - whilst enjoying the local food and drink.

  • Understand key differences and closeness with Japan - and discuss how to do diverse teamwork between the two countries - mixing the best of both.

  • Enjoy the history, culture, arts, sports and innovation of Italy and its relations with Japan.


EU - Italy Feb 26, Mon 20:00 - 21:30

Participants :

  • Italian and Japanese business people who work with or love each other's countries. Other nationalities interested in learning more about Italy.

Workshop Flow (90 mins) :

This event will repeat regularly so we'll just cover two or three items per part in each workshop, to make sure you have time to talk together in breakouts.

  • Part 1: Quick Tour

    1. Introductions

    2. Food and drink, restaurants etc: kampai! (Italy: You can preorder local items A) Pasta, B) Olive Oil, C) Balsamic vinegar, D) Cheese: Parmiggiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, Mozzarella, etc), E) Prosciutto: Prosciutto San Daniele or Prosciutto di Parma

    3. Country overview - past and future

    4. Relationship with Japan

    5. Useful phrases

BREAKOUT 1: Our mutual connections.

  • Part 2: Business Culture Focus

    1. Intro: Intercultural communication:, working styles (Differences and similarities with Japan)

    2. Expat and locals here - interviews

    3. Economy/Companies/brands

    4. Innovation/Inventions

    5. Business trends/global projects (Eg sustainability/Clean energy)

BREAKOUT 2: Our business culture experiences (Approx 10 mins)

  • Part 3: Lifestyle Culture Focus

    1. Lifestyle Focus (Region/City)

    2. Daily customs and lifestyle

    3. Fashion/Art/Music/Movies /Sport /Comedy

    4. History/famous people

    5. Flag and story

    6. Geography/Travel Spots

Team quiz: (option)

BREAKOUT 3: Our enjoyable experiences


  • Italian fashion brands, known for their sophistication, craftsmanship, and high-quality materials, have gained popularity in Japan. The Italian sense of style has inspired Japanese designers and consumers, resulting in a fusion of Italian and Japanese fashion trends. This cross-cultural exchange has enriched the Japanese fashion scene, offering a diverse range of choices for consumers.

  • Much of the fun of traveling is meeting local people, learning about the culture and enjoying food and drink. Biz Nites help you travel the world from the comfort of your sofa.

  • Explore a welcoming and friendly community in Italy that offers opportunities to practice intercultural communication and language skills while building your network. Our events highlight both Italy and other nations, introducing fresh topics with each session. Immerse yourself in gatherings representing diverse countries, including Italy, to enrich your cultural understanding and cultivate valuable relationships.

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