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J-Global Intercultural Business School

Global Value selling in Japan: How to sell the value of things and play an active role


We have a track record of supporting overseas sales for many Japanese people.

Build trust and show value in ways appreciated by Japanese organizations

Shift to global sales to convince buyers

Acquire the mindset, knowledge, and skills of a global sales professional who also understands unique Japanese customer tendencies. And make a specific action plan tailored to your unique work environment, so that you can confidently work with Japanese clients.


Target audience

Global Value Selling is a program for non-Japanese and Japanese sales representatives of Japanese companies or foreign capital companies selling to Japanese clients. Join us and share ideas about how to build your sales and delight your target customers in this mixed culture situation.

Do you have any of the following problems?

I feel that overseas customers are comparing with competitors only on price

We have not been able to build a sufficient relationship of trust with overseas customers.

Not understanding the needs and expectations of non-Japanese customers

The behavior and reactions of overseas customers are unpredictable and unreasonable

Business negotiations did not go well because we could not convince overseas customers

Unable to quickly find new overseas customers or dealers, lack confidence in successful contract

in the traditional way
Understanding of “global sales”
may be insufficient

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Sales Seminar
You will learn the basics of value-selling, but you will not gain insight into how to resolve cultural gaps between Japanese and overseas businesses.

Online Training
Sales techniques can be taught, but opportunities to practice them are limited.

Hands-on Training
You can learn from experienced sales reps, but it takes time to get results.

In this program

Presenting "value" instead of "price"

Learn how to be a successful global salesperson

​Understand the differences between Japanese and overseas sales styles, and establish a sales style that combines the strengths of both.

You can acquire not only the appropriate skills, but also a "specific sales action plan" that can be executed immediately.

You can learn the necessary mindset and skills such as consulting communication, intercultural negotiation, and human relationship building.

Nine programs teach global communication and leadership skills for a variety of participants, including expats and global coordinators of Japanese companies, managers and members of multinational teams, and non-Japanese employees.

Our experience

J-Global solutions are based on highly evaluated consulting and workshops in the global workplaces of over 100 Japanese companies


J-Global’s mission is to help Japan-based companies successfully grow their global business by transforming their intercultural business practices. Our consulting and learning solutions help organizations and individuals create a best mix of Japanese and overseas working styles, building a solid foundation for high-functioning, diverse teams and robust global growth.


We’ve learned a lot over the years about how companies and people can make a successful global transformation. We’re now sharing that knowledge with you in our GX ALPHA learning programs.   


GX ALPHA is the only comprehensive learning system that provides businesspeople with not only the knowledge, but also the mindsets and proven practical skills to navigate within and between Japanese and global business environments. Our focus is on real-world problems, real-world solutions and the action steps needed to implement those solutions.

Some of the companies J-Global provided services to (in no particular order)

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GXALPHA Learning process

needs analysis
Planning a study plan

Join webinar

Create an action plan
​ action practice

Evaluation certificate

free online counseling










Helpful tools, additional webinars

You can add webinars for other courses as needed. There are no additional charges. You can also use e-learning and knowledge hubs to ask questions and get support at any time.

At GX ALPHA, we offerCustomize what you want to learnI can do it.

GXALPHAstudy schedule of



free online counseling
Analyze the current situation and issues, and clarify the goals such as the skills you want to acquire through this program.


​ learning


Learn the flow, strategies and facilitation skills that are useful for intercultural business negotiations



●Japan vs. overseas sales and negotiation styles

Key skills in value-selling, including consulting and communication to better support overseas customers

Become a trusted advisor

Manage a strong sales team by qualifying leads, making appointments, preparing deals, and closing deals




Learn how to showcase the unique value of quality Japanese suppliers to global clients



●Case study: Introduce examples of how to build customer value using the value-selling model

●Action Plan:   Identify and analyze the challenges faced in selling the product. Establish a process for proposing products in different ways to bring value to different targets

Roleplay: Use roadmaps to practice the steps and improvements needed to persuade customers to buy your product in a value-selling model


Helpful tools, additional webinars

to suit your needs

You can add e-learning and webinars ​.

​ No additional costs!

E-Learning & Knowledge Hub & Community



Learn more about how to spot common cross-cultural misunderstandings and strategies for overcoming those barriers to success in a global company


● Cross-Cultural Comparison Discussion: Japan vs Global 

A framework for cross-cultural communication

Advice for overcoming cultural gaps



Improvement report and certificate of completion

3 step learning method

Step 1: Case study
Using actual cases that can occur in the business scene, we will examine typical problems in working at a Japanese company and consider solutions.
You will be able to deal positively when similar problems arise in your day-to-day work.


Case study

the problem


the cause


a solution


to your situation

Step 2: Create an Individual Action Plan

Prioritize your tasks and goals, and make a concrete plan for what action to take next.
Our planning template makes it easy.

self analysis

identify the most important issues

through pair coaching

looking for a solution

action plan

complete the template

  • Know your strengths and use them to reach your goals

  • Clarify the skills needed to change the current situation

  • new customer development

  • cheap competitors

  • Meeting/Communication Negotiation Skills

  • closing

  • Understanding the local market

Example: To compete against cheaper competitors

  • What is the unique strength of our product?

  • how customers earn

  • a) savings orb) Can it be increased?

  • What is the annual valuation of a+b?

  • What is the expected ROI?​ *ROI = return on investment

  • Adapting sales tools to different cultures

  • list of solutions

  • Clarify what action to take

  • Setting KPIs

Step 3: Roleplay

Role-play with your team using the action template created in step 2. Hands-on experience allows you to evaluate and improve your action plan. While exchanging opinions in a team, you can acquire skills in a fun and effective way.

Role-play setting (example) Conversation between you and your Japanese boss

Role play

Intermediate evaluation and improvement

re role play

Final evaluation

Those who are interested in this program and those who want to improve their skills

"I want to work using English, but I don't know where to start."
"I want to communicate smoothly with foreign teammates"
“I want to do more global work,” etc.
First of all, we will ask you about your current situation and support you in setting goals.
Join us for a free online counseling session.

Lecturer introduction

Jon .jpg

John Lynch

Over the past 30 years, I have provided bilingual training and coaching to over 100 Japanese companies. We are passionate about spreading cross-cultural education, aiming to help foreigners understand Japan better and Japanese people to understand globalization and contribute to the world.

John will also be in charge of free online counseling!


We will think about your career path together and have a fun conversation while creating a mind map. Either Japanese or English is OK. You will have 20-30 minutes to organize your thoughts whether or not you participate in the program. Please feel free to submit a new application.

In addition, instructors with specialized knowledge will support you!


Dr. Sarah L. Birchley


--Nathan DeWitt


Graham Lenz

Ariadna Puig.jpg

Adiadna Pulg

Akari photo.jpg

Akari Teramoto

Screenshot 2022-10-07 115647.png

Ikem Okoboshi

Hisako Picture.jpg

Hisako Miyamori

Business School Director, Instructor

Instructor, Coach


Coach, Success Supporter

Success Supporter

Community Coach

Coach, Success Supporter

Participant's voice


You'll see immediate results! Learn sales strategies that get results!

Thanks to J-Global's training, I went overseas with an action plan and was able to make a huge difference in the first two months. After completing the program, I immediately implemented my sales action plan. To my surprise, I immediately saw positive results. And I am finding that my relationships with my clients are improving and getting better.

Auto parts company, sales consultant


The Importance of a Better Understanding of Cross-Cultural Business

After taking this course, I finally understood why they were frustrated when I was negotiating with non-Japanese clients, partly because I could not immediately grasp what they intended. Before, I had not been able to see things from a cross-cultural perspective.

Machine tool manufacturing company, new sales recruitment


Discover a sales approach that works abroad!

Through the practice of case studies and role-plays, I gained a solid understanding of how to apply the best sales practices I learned in Japan to my overseas sales consulting practice. This is a really effective way to practice.

Hospitality Group, Sales Consultant


  • How do I join the program?
    If you are interested,Online coaching. If you do not need it, please sign up for the free trial or the plan of your choice and reserve the class of your choice.
  • What other programs are there?
    For a list of other programs, please here.
  • My company has told me not to discuss my work outside the company. How can I participate in this program safely?
    We take confidentiality very seriously and ask participants not to discuss confidential company information.
  • How do you support English and Japanese learners?
    The bilingual instructor in charge of this program speaks an appropriate combination of Japanese and English so that everyone can understand. Participants can choose to speak English or Japanese, or both. English is generally used in global work, so it is recommended to participate in English as much as possible.
  • What are the learning components for ILP and how do I access them?
  • How does the ILP program support learners in English and Japanese?
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