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J-Global Intercultural Business School

Intercultural Mini MBA 

Build core business leadership skills for a Japan-Global diverse environment

Enjoy networking and project-based learning in an accelerated bilingual program.

(Next cohort starts on Mar 14, 2023)

J-Global’s Intercultural Mini-MBA offers a unique way to acquire essential global business skills while also learning how to apply these skills in the mixed Japanese-global business environment found in most Japanese companies operating internationally. Moreover, the Intercultural Mini-MBA allows you to gain this essential knowledge in far less time and at a fraction of the cost of a full academic MBA.

Find out more about the Intercultural Mini-MBA and how to raise your business skills to the next level.


Program Participants

Do you want to more deeply master global business and reach a higher leadership level?

Upskilling and reskilling are essential for success in international business and now, more than ever, people are looking for something to put themselves ahead of others in the career ladder.                                                                                                           

Participants in our program are typically ambitious business with these concerns:

You want to build the strategic mindset and tools to win promotion and bigger global roles

You want to learn principles of global strategy, marketing, sales and organizational design, and how to apply them in Japan.

You need to develop key leadership and communication skills to bridge typical cultural gaps.

You need to create a new resilient mindset for self and colleagues for dealing with constant, stressful unpredictable change.


You want to transform your role and your organization’s culture, strategy and processes for global success

You are motivated to do an MBA but you are concerned about the costs,  time and lack of work-life balance


How can you prepare yourself for global professional success & improve your critical thinking? 


A Mini MBA is a smart, low-risk investment delivering surer, more immediate results than a full MBA.

  • Mini MBAs are accelerated, part-time programs — a sprint, not a marathon.

  • Can be completed in a few weeks or months.

  • Cost as little as ¥150,000, compared to up to ¥30 million for a full MBA

  • Hyper targeted curriculum helps students acquire needed skills in the moment.

  • Provides an expanded network equal to or better than traditional MBA programs. 

  • You don’t need to leave your job to get a mini MBA.


What is an Intercultural Mini-MBA?

A mini/micro-MBA is becoming popular around the world but it tends to only explain global best practices. An intercultural mini MBA explains in a. practical way to how to adapt and apply those lessons for use in a Japan-based organization.

Our program not only teaches the practical skills and mindset necessary for a global workplace but it has been developed in conjunction with experts in the field from Japan’s top universities, so it also includes academic content and advanced study skills that one would ordinarily gain from a full MBA.  

This program is fully bilingual, and includes appreciation of Japan’s unique strengths in team-based organizations and how to bridge gaps with global counterparts which focus on individuals,


Because it explains both Japanese and global leadership and management styles, you can apply your learnings straight away in your own “hybrid” organization.

Fully bilingual - so you can join now and learn the concepts even if you speak only Japanese, and learn the English communication skills during or after the program.


If you want to go overseas for a full MBA, Taking our intercultural bilingual mini-MBA beforehand builds the right mindset and skills to succeed there, and creates practical frameworks and ideas for applying the learnings to a global Japanese organization afterwards.




Engaging and interactive. No one-way lectures.