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GX A.L.P.H.A.|Intercultural Project Management Skills

J-Global has helped 100s of Japanese and overseas project managers and team members to work better together

Acquire project management skills for working in Japanese - global mixed teams.


Project management methods can differ greatly between Japan and the rest of the world. If you proceed with a global project without knowing the differences, it could lead to friction and trouble.

Learning how to manage global projects is a key to successful globalization and international career success. Many Japan-led global projects fail because of cultural gaps. Understand typical gaps between Japanese team-based, process oriented approach and global individual responsibility and results focused approach, and learn how to bridge these gaps.

  • Learn a global business mindset. Become a confident and effective intercultural team player.

  • Know global best practices for agreeing scope of projects, creating plans, managing risks and business relationships, and creating accountability for hitting targets.

  • Enjoy faster and higher quality project work, with less wasted re-work and more satisfied partners and end-users due to clearer shared planning and communication.


Who is this program for?

We recommend this program for global managers, expats, and project leaders in healthcare, engineering, R&D etc. who want these benefits:

Complete global projects on time, on budget, with right quality

Understand the differences in working and planning style between typical Japanese and global project management