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Welcome to J-Global

Intercultural Business School !

J-Global has provided intercultural leadership and communication programs and consulting to hundreds of top companies in Japan for over ten years. We are now sharing our know-how developed during this process to everyone who joins our business school programs

Enjoy unlimited access to all programs for ¥5,000/month to learn global leadership and problem-solving skills.  Ideally for a variety of participants, including overseas representatives of Japanese companies, managers of multinational teams,  employees connected with global business, and non-Japanese employees.


Intercultural communication skills are urgently needed in our increasingly globalized society, and for all companies that wish to develop their business overseas. J-Global adds new bilingual webinars every month on all kinds of topics that will help you succeed in global business.

First, try any class for free!

Please try any lesson as a free trial. (Tell us your email address and we'll send you a zoom link)  

After that if you choose to try out our monthly Subscription Service, you can attend any event for free for a 2-week trial period. After that, continue taking all classes for a monthly fee of just 5,000 yen per student. We recommend you first take a free 1-1 coaching session to discuss your learning needs, and which of our programs may most help you.

If you do not receive a reply from us, please contact us again.



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1. An introduction to intercultural business communication

Target: Non-Japanese and Japanese employees and managers who are active in global business

Content: Understand typical cultural gaps between Japanese and global working styles. Learn an effective mindset and skills to work smoothly with Japanese colleagues or customers

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2. Communication techniques for working in a global company

Target audience

Japanese who need to communicate in English


In order to improve global business skills, learn how to actively ask questions in open communication, clarify your thoughts, and approach with confidence in English without fear of failure. Acquire basic skills for meetings and presentations

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3. International Reps/For Expatriates: Successful Business Techniques

Eligibility: Japanese expatriates and global coordinators

Contents: Acquire the skills to lead a global team, share skills, and achieve business goals in one month at an overseas assignment.

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4. International Leaders Program

Target: Non-Japanese employees

Content: Master the art of surviving and thriving in a Japanese organization. Become a valuable and trusted member of your company by learning how to navigate Japan’s team based business culture.

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5. Intercultural project management skills

Target: Non-Japanese and Japanese global project managers or members, researchers, engineers

Content: Acquire project management skills for working in Japanese - global mixed teams. Understand typical gaps in information sharing, teamwork, and process approach of international project teams, and master how to bridge them for mutual success.

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6. Global Value selling in Japan

Target: Non-Japanese and Japanese global sales representatives, sales engineers

Content: Build trust and show value in ways appreciated by Japanese organizations. By fusing Japanese customer service skills with global consulting sales techniques, learn powerful new techniques to beat your competitors.

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7. Global teamwork skills and management

Target: Non-Japanese and Japanese members of global teams or coordinators


Content: Master how to effectively manage planning, meetings, communication and collaboration in a Japanese - global mixed team  

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8. Pre-MBA Global Classroom Skills

Target: Japanese who have the possibility of studying abroad, especially MBA


Contents: Discussions based on critical thinking and case methods to acquire knowledge of global academic and professional success stories 


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9. Intercultural Mini MBA – Part 1

Target audience: Non-Japanese and Japanese senior managers and future leaders in Japan - global organizations


Content: Research the cultural gaps between team-oriented Japanese and individual-oriented global companies, and learn how to combine the strengths of both. Explore how to build a successful diverse organization via J-Global and Harvard case studies, discussions, and project-based learning.

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