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Global Teamwork Skills in Japan

We've supported more than 500 learners

Improve diverse global team performance and problem-solving via clear, inclusive communication

Work flexibly and cooperatively to achieve goals on time.

While Japanese corporate culture includes tacit understanding, a customer-first mindset, and meetings for information sharing, global team members tend to work in  individual roles. Understanding and dealing postiively each others' working styles is essential shared success.

Who is this program for?

The Mindset of Working on a Global Team is a program for anyone facing the following issues. If you want to go global or contribute to the globalization of your company, this is a must!

Do you have the following problems?

I belong to a global team, but I don't feel that the members have a good relationship with each other, and there is no sense of cooperation.

I feel stressful to participate in global meetings and meeting facilitation 

Even when a team plan is made, members have individual goals and their actions are uneven.

I want to provide training and feedback to my foreign employees, but I don't know how to do it well.

Various strengths and personalities within the group, but not shared as one team


We want to build friendly relationships across cultural gaps.

The following methods
may not be sufficient to understand
"Working with English"

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Japanese-specific teamwork training

In the Japanese corporate culture program, participants learn skills to work smoothly with Japanese people, such as tacit understanding, customer-first mindset, and meetings for information sharing. In global teams, it is difficult to understand the unique Japanese work style, and there is a tendency to work individually within a team.

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Overseas-Specific Teamwork Training

In this program for learning about workplace cultures unique to foreign countries, participants learn skills for working smoothly with global employees, such as results-based approach, direct feedback, motivation for individual goals and careers, and quick decision-making within teams. In Japanese companies, which have a strong group-action orientation, the skills learned in this program are not often utilized.

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Teamwork Training for Diverse Workplaces

Participants learn logical ways to improve teamwork in a diverse, global work environment. However, learning is not enough; the participants themselves need to step out of their comfort zone if they are to be aware of diversity in practice.

You will learn not only how to work in English in this program,
but also what you need to be aware of when working in a global team!