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To commemorate the opening of the J-Global Business School, we are distributing coupons that allow you to experience the contents of our programs free of charge

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Program list

(For Japanese)

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Learning Level: Basic

Target: Japanese/foreign employees/managers who are globally active in Japanese companies

Purpose: Understand the typical cultural differences in working styles of Japanese and global business people, and learn how to bridge those gaps.


Implementation dates: 

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​Learning Level: Beginner/Intermediate English Level

Target: Employees who need to communicate in English, managers

Purpose: Learn how to speak in English without fear of failure, how to actively ask questions, and basic skills for meetings and presentations.

Implementation dates: 

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3. For Expatriates and Overseas Reps: Successful Business Techniques (Japanese)

​Learning Level: Intermediate

Target: Japanese who interact with overseas staff, expatriates, employees of global coordinators, managers

Purpose: Gain the skills to lead a global team, share skills, and achieve business goals


Implementation dates: 

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​Learning Level: Basic

Target: Non-Japanese employees or managers in Japanese organizations

Purpose: Understand the team-oriented, process-based organizational style and business culture of Japanese companies, and acquire skills to collaborate and succeed together.

Implementation dates: 

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5. Cross-cultural project management skills (Japanese)

​Learning Level: Intermediate

Target: Non-Japanese and Japanese project managers or members, researchers, engineers

Purpose: Understand typical differences between overseas and Japanese project teams in planning, information-sharing, teamwork, and problem-solving, and acquire skills to bridge these gaps for mutual success.


Implementation dates: 

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​Learning Level: Intermediate

Target: Non-Japanese and Japanese sales representatives and sales engineers working with Japanese companies.

Purpose: Learn powerful new techniques to beat the competition by combining Japanese customer service skills with global consultative selling techniques. Collaborate more effectively in Japanese organizations to deliver sales results.  

Implementation dates: 

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7. Global teamwork skills and management (Japanese)

​Learning Level: Intermediate

Target: Japanese members of global teams, coordinator employees, managers

Purpose: Master how to effectively manage planning, meetings, and communication in a global team

Implementation dates: 

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Learning Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Target: Japanese employees and managers who have the potential to study abroad, especially MBA

Purpose: Learn critical thinking and discussion skills to acquire knowledge such as global academic and professional success stories

Implementation dates:

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9. Intercultural Mini-MBA – Part 1 (Japanese)

​Learning Level: Advanced

​Target: Non-Japanese and Japanese managers and future leaders who plan global business strategies and activities for Japanese organizations.

Purpose: Learn about global strategic business leadership and management. Study the cultural gaps between team-oriented Japanese companies and individual-oriented global companies and learn how to integrate the strengths of both through Harvard case studies, discussions, and project-based learning.


​Implementation dates:

Program list

(For Non- Japanese)