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J-Global Intercultural Business School

Cross-cultural project

management skills

You can learn management skills and mindsets to lead members with various cultures together to achieve goals. You can also create a specific action plan that fits your work environment and practice it in the seminar. Take advantage of what you learned in this seminar and aim for smooth teamwork!


Do you have any of these problems?

I want to know the differences between Japanese and global work styles and planning

I want to improve the relationship with project members and realize more win-win growth

I would like to know a guidance method for members to share problems at an early stage and take action to prevent recurrence

I want to work smoothly with members with different cultures

Necessary for working at a global company in the futureskillI want to wear

I want to work smoothly with members with different cultures

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Learn global business50More webinars available nowUnlimited reception for 1 month

Master intercultural leadership and communication skills tailored for diverse professional roles in Japan. Enjoy a wide variety of programs to enhance your competencies and boost your career - whether you are in a foreign capital company or a japanese organizations.

​Any webinar, 1 free trial

To learn problem-solving skills faced by a variety of people, such as overseas managers of Japanese companies, managers of multinational teams, people related to global business, and foreign employees.lots of programs

​Mini MBA

A mini-MBA is an ideal option for busy professionals who don't have time to attend an MBA program, or for students who don't have the qualifications to take the exam. It's perfect for accelerating your career as you can learn basic business knowledge and skills in a short period of time.

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J-Global's Experience

J-Global Solutions are based on highly evaluated consulting and workshops in the global workplaces of over 100 Japanese companies


J-Global’s mission is to help Japan-based companies successfully grow their global business by transforming their intercultural business practices. Our consulting and learning solutions help organizations and individuals create a best mix of Japanese and overseas working styles, building a solid foundation for high-functioning, diverse teams and robust global growth.


We’ve learned a lot over the years about how companies and people can make a successful global transformation. We’re now sharing that knowledge with you in our GX ALPHA learning programs.   


GX ALPHA is the only comprehensive learning system that provides businesspeople with not only the knowledge, but also the mindsets and proven practical skills to navigate within and between Japanese and global business environments. Our focus is on real-world problems, real-world solutions and the action steps needed to implement those solutions.

Some of the companies J-Global provided services to (in no particular order)

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​Instructor introduction

John Lynch

Originally from the UK, he currently lectures on global business skills at Hitotsubashi University. After coming to Japan in 1990, he taught international business communication skills. After that, he worked as a cross-cultural business instructor at a major training company. Established business consulting company J-Global Co., Ltd. in 2010. Utilizing his extensive business experience in Japan, he provides consulting to over 100 Japanese and foreign companies. We offer bilingual seminars in Japanese/English with the aim of spreading the word "J-Global Business", which combines the strengths of Japanese business and the best of the West.


Nine programs teach global communication and leadership skills for a variety of participants, including expats and global coordinators of Japanese companies, managers and members of multinational teams, and non-Japanese employees.

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